Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Small Town Pond - Melt EP

Previously Unreleased material by Brian Mclendon under the name Small Town Pond.

Download via MediaFire.

Knights Templar - It’s The 90’s!

Knights Templar - It’s The 90’s!
1. Whatsup 2. God Created Dinosaurs
3. Groundhog Week 4. Son Son
5. This Year 6. Dweebazoid
7. your name 4 8. USO

Awesome first series of recordings by the band Knights Templar,
composed currently of David Hallinger and Mike Topley of
Alien Father,
Christopher Yaple of Dark Surfers, and Lance Loud of Trepan Twins. Hell Yes.

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This album is a Sons of Brothas product.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


NewAgeGalaxy, now with 30% more burger.
Also coming soon: Tapes from the Cheeseburger Mountain
and other musical type uploads for you download pleasure